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What is a vehicle service?

When you bring your vehicle in for a service, it is given a health check as well as replacing parts the manufacturer suggest should be replaced at the vehicle age or mileage. Generally, this will mean at least the oil and oil filter being changed meaning your engine is protected. When health checking a vehicle, the technician will be looking for any signs of damage or wear on your vehicle to keep you safe on the road. This ranges from checking your brakes are in good working order to checking your horn works. Each service differs slightly in what is required but we will explain the specifics when you call.

Why Motorsave?

At Motorsave, all vehicle services are carried out by highly trained technicians to the manufacturer's guidelines. By proactively maintaining your vehicle, you reduce the risk of breaking down and can find possible issues earlier - saving you money. We only use original quality parts and oils at Motorsave, meaning any vehicle will have it's warranty protected if serviced here. Motorsave can also carry out diagnostics or mechanical repairs on any vehicle, meaning any defects found on your service can be rectified while it's here with us. We can also MOT vehicles between class I and VII, saving you time by getting your MOT carried out at the same time as your service.

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